I get a lot of requests for role playing pictures so I thought I'd get a little creative and do a naughty little Santa scene. I am Santa’s helper and my job is to make sure each house is ready prior to Santa’s arrival. The house has to be clear of anything that could get in Santa’s way and everyone has to be asleep in bed. I was on my way from the North Pole to the first house on my list when I started feeling the warmth between my thighs again.

Before I left to begin my duties, I had accidentally walked in on Santa as.....he was pleasuring himself. I was so embarrassed I just slammed the door closed and immediately left the North Pole to begin my rounds. What I saw in that very brief moment was now permanently etched in my memory. It was so shocking and I couldn't believe it but, Santa was equipped with the biggest cock I had ever seen. I started plotting in my naughty little mind how I would be able to get Santa to fuck me. That's all I thought about the entire way to my first house of the evening. By the time I got there I was so damn horny and I could not stop thinking about Santa's incredibly huge dick.

I had made it to the first house and I was making sure everything was all clear for Santa when I found a rather large candy cane lying next to the fireplace. I snatched it right up and imagined it was Santa’s big prick. I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck it.

I really wanted his huge cock and my pussy was soaking wet just thinking about it. I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes. I began to pretend the candy cane was Santa's cock.

Oh, if only it was really Santa. I would take him deep inside me and after he shot his load in my pussy I would lick our juices off of his throbbing cane.

I had gotten myself so horny and I was growing tired of just pretending with my candy cane. I pulled my panties to the side to have a look at my wet pussy. I stripped them off and tossed them across the room so that I could indulge my cravings.

My body heat was rising fast and the only thing on my mind was Santa’s cock. I sat down and spread my legs wide for my candy cane. I knew I couldn't have Santa that night so I decided the candy cane would have to do for now. I took that thing and shoved it into my tight wet pussy without a moment's hesitation. Ohhhh, it felt so good.

I rammed it in and out of my pussy as I fantasized that it was really Santa on top of me pounding my wet hole. I couldn’t stop fucking myself. I flipped the candy cane around so that the hook was in my pussy pushing up against my G-spot as I sucked my pussy juice from the other end. Mmmmmm, yummy!

I just kept thrusting that thing in and out of my pussy as I imagined having Santa sliding in and out of me. My legs were spread wide open taking it as deep as I possibly could and I wasn’t going to stop until I came.

One final thrust deep into my hole and I started cumming. I pulled my legs back even farther as I came all over the candy cane. I wanted to scream out loud in pure ecstasy but I was afraid that I'd wake the family sleeping at this house. I couldn’t stop thinking about that big cock of Santa's even after I had gotten off. I just wanted to have him so badly.

I was still too horny to get back to my duties so I placed two fingers inside me with the hope of getting off one last time before Santa showed up at this house. With my fingers inside my hot little hole I began to vigorously massage my G-spot. In no time at all I was having another orgasm. Never in my life had one cock made me so horny.

Although I knew that I was laying naked in someone else’s home I couldn’t bring myself to get up and get back to work. I was just lying there day dreaming about the cock that I so desperately wanted. All I could do was smile and think that one day I would have it.

I couldn’t wait until the night was over so I could see Santa back at the North Pole. I spent the rest of the evening plotting how I could get Santa to do me without Mrs. Clause finding out.

What a happy little helper I was. I finally gathered the energy to get dressed and be on my way to the next house. I really hope no one heard me in that house but there was no way I could have made it through that long night without getting off first. Maybe I should have washed the candy cane off before I left? But I didn’t, I left it for Santa. Maybe he will pick up on my horny scent and he'll be read.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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