Jake and I enjoy going out to a classy strip club every now and then for a little erotic entertainment. I remember the first time he suggested we go out to a strip club. This was way before we got into swinging and I couldn't believe that he was actually asking me to go to a club and sit there with him while he watched a bunch of hot women dancing naked right in his face. Even though his suggestion pissed me off, I decided to humor him and go along anyway. Wow, I was hooked! We had barely walked in the door when I realized that watching all.....those beautiful women performing naked was going to be a huge turn on for me. That night was actually the first time that I ever had thoughts about being with another woman sexually, and I liked it! This one dancer came over to where we were sitting and grabbed Jake by the back of the head and pulled his face into her massive titties. I was surprised that watching her molesting Jake like that actually turned me on. Well, then she moved over to me and did the same thing and I swear I creamed my jeans. Now whenever we go out to a strip club I get wet on the way there in anticipation of what the night has in store for us. These photos are from a club we visited one night during our last vacation.

I already had a couple of drinks in me and the girls on stage were looking absolutely incredible. I knew right away that the hottest action of the evening wouldn't be taking place on stage. I think it was all the naked women everywhere that brought out the naughty little exhibitionist in me. I just started flashing my wet pussy to everyone who wanted to have a look. All this showing off was really making me horny and I was getting a lot of encouragement from the dancers as well as the other patrons of the club. I continued rubbing my pussy while the guys at the next table cheered me on! I repositioned myself slightly to make sure they all had a good view of my wet slit then I began to finger fuck myself right there in front of everyone! I was so fucking turned on showing off like this in public!

I would have never thought that I'd be able to have an orgasm right there in front of everyone but I sure as fuck did. I let out a little squeal of pleasure as I came all over the chair at the club. One of the dancers that had been watching my little public masturbation show was next up on stage. She was a hot little blonde with a really tight bod. Since I had finished my "show" I approached the stage to watch hers. While I was tucking a few dollars in her panties she leaned over to kiss me and she whispered in my ear, "you really made me wet with that little number of yours". I just giggled and said thanks. Damn, she was a real hottie. I really needed to be fucked so bad. I begged Jake to unzip his fly and let me sit on his cock while we watched the dancers but he thought we'd get arrested or something. Anyway, I told him we needed to leave then because I really needed it bad.

When we walked out of the club there was a limo out front so we decided to take that back to the hotel. Once inside the limo I decided to give Jake his own private strip show. We'll, I'm not sure it was totally private because I caught the limo driver looking in the mirror quite a bit, lol. I took my panties off so Jake could get a better view of my pussy and I would have easy access to my clit.

With my legs spread wide apart I thought this was a perfect opportunity to give Jake a great show and get myself off at the same time.

I was rubbing my clit and I started thinking about the blonde dancer at the club. She was so fucking hot. I told Jake we should turn the limo around and go get her and bring her back to the room. I know Jake wanted her too but he just chuckled at my idea. Oh well, I just went back to work on my pussy.

I pulled my tits out of my shirt so I could squeeze my nipples while I played with my clit. Just as I was about to get myself off I could feel the limo coming to a stop. I looked out the window and we had arrived at our hotel already. Damn it, I was so fucking close too. I had to hurry and grab my panties and slide them on as quick as I could.

I tried to pull myself together before the limo driver got around the car to open the door. As if he didn't know what was going on anyway, lol.

When the driver opened the door he had a huge grin on his face as if to say, "thanks, I really enjoyed that." I wanted to make sure I didn't let him down. As I got out of the car I gave him my own naughty little "tip" by making sure he got a great view of my panties as I stepped out of the car. I even paused for a minute to act like I was looking for something inside the car just to make sure he got a good look. When I turned around to step out, his crotch was at face level and I found myself starring at his huge hard on. I could tell by the way he was standing that he wasn't trying to hide it either. He told us to have a great night and I looked him right in the eye and said, "oh we will, and you make sure you take care of that monster", as I pointed to the huge bulge in his pants.

The second we got in the room I ripped Jake's clothes off and I fucked him like crazy. I swear the whole time I was fucking him I couldn't stop thinking about that hot blonde at the club. I think next time we may just have to bring one .....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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