I often get requests from my members for fantasy or role playing photos. This gallery was inspired by "BigChris4U". Chris is one of my members and he wrote telling me how he was just dying to see me dressed up as a schoolgirl playing with a big fat dildo. We all know that I never leave my members hanging so, here we go:

I was on my way home from school the other day when I decided to stop at a friend's house to see if I we could do some studying for the social studies test we were having the next day. I knocked on.....the door and waited but no one seemed to be home. The door was unlocked so I just let myself in.

I figured she'd be home anytime so I decided to make myself comfortable while I waited. I was really starting to get bored until I drifted off into a day dream about this really cute boy at school. Well, the next thing I knew I was a little wet in my panties and I couldn’t understand why. The funny thing was that I just couldn't stop thinking about this boy. His name is Tommy and he is just so cute. I pulled my book out and tried to study but my panties just kept getting wetter and wetter.

It was really starting to freak me out, I couldn't figure out why I was so wet down there. I figured if I got back to studying that I'd be able to keep my mind off of Tommy and my panties would stop getting so wet. I reached into my book bag to get a notebook and I found this toy. I had totally forgotten that it was even there. I had found it in my older sister's panty drawer and I had taken it because I wanted to ask my friend what it was. I knew it was shaped like a boys thingy, which my slutty friend Melissa calls a "cock" but, I still didn't know what it was supposed to do. For some reason I pulled it out and started sucking it and immediately I started thinking about Tommy again.

That thingy or "cock" was so big and hard that I could barely fit it into my mouth. Once again my tight little pussy was getting so wet! I'm not really sure why but, I had been noticing that my pussy seemed to get wet a lot lately especially when I was thinking about boys. Then I remembered when I had found a magazine under my parent's bed and there were pictures of a girl putting one of these thingys inside her. So I took my hard "cock" and began rubbing it against my slippery pussy lips.

At first I pushed it in very slowly. I could only fit the top part it into my wet pussy. I was so tight that I didn't think that anymore of it could possibly fit inside me but, the more I thought about Tommy the easier it was to take the whole thing into my pussy. I stood that hard cock straight up on the coffee table and just sat right down on it, burying it deep inside me.

Ohh it felt so great. That cock totally stretched my virgin pussy wide open. I just kept fucking it and fucking it and fucking it. The deeper that thing went, the more my body would tighten up around it. It was a strange feeling at first but then I really started to like it.

My pussy was hugging that cock so tight and I didn’t want to stop. I just kept bouncing up and down on it like I was riding a pogo stick or something. The more I bounced the better my pussy felt

I started squeezing my boobies because it seemed to make the tingling sensation inside me even more intense. Then all of the sudden I felt this wonderful burst of energy throughout my entire body. I didn’t know what was happening to me at the time but I did know that I needed to scream out in pure ecstasy. When my body finally stopped shuddering I slowly pulled that cock out of my pussy to try and figure out what had just happened. Even though it felt so incredible it was still a little scary.

I was amazed at what had just happened and I figured that I must have "came". Melissa had told me that it allways happens to her when she lets boys from school put their thingy inside her pussy. Even though she had told me about "cumming", I had no idea that it could possibly feel that awesome! I wondered what I tasted like so I pulled the cock out of my pussy and licked it clean.

MMMMMMM, my pussy cum tasted so wonderfully sweet. All of the sudden I realized that my friend could walk in the door any second so I quickly put my toy away and got myself put back together.

I think my social studies teacher would have given me an A+ if he had been able to see me riding that huge cock. Although I didn't get to the studying I was supposed to, I definitely learned something even better. I learned how incredible it feels to have a big hard cock inside my pussy.

I left my friend's house so that I could head over to Tommy's but, when I got there he wasn't home. That's ok because when I see him I'm going to invite him over to my tree house so I can find out if a boy's thingy can make my pussy.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA




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