You guys may recall awhile back I posted some photos that were taken by my good friend Buzz Aziani. I was really blown away by the response from everyone so I decided to ask Buzz if he could take some more photos for me. Besides I figured it would be another opportunity to try and get into the pants of his sexy hair and make-up girl Janelle. Last time I didn’t have any luck seducing her but I can be very persistent when I see a hot piece of ass like that!

I wanted to do something outdoors this time so we drove around until.....we found just the right spot in front of this really cool looking cactus. The only problem was that we were right on the side of the road so every time a car came our way I had to hurry up and get dressed before someone caught an unexpected eye full. I never knew I could actually get dressed that fast.

Oh yeah back to Janelle. I first met her last time Buzz took some photos for me. She’s his make-up artist and one of the hottest looking women I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I made it my mission that day to hook-up with her but she told me she wasn’t bi and her husband would freak out if she were to get it on with anyone else, even another girl.

Well apparently she told her husband about me hitting on her all day and he almost blew his wad at the mere thought of seeing his lovely wife with another woman. I guess they started talking about the possibility of Janelle and I hooking up while her hubby watched and before they knew it they were discussing what it would be like to have a threesome. Janelle later told me that it had always been a fantasy of hers to be with a girl but until then she had been afraid to follow through with it.

Anyway before we got started shooting these pictures Janelle whipped out a photo of her husband and asked, “What do you think?” Before I even had a chance to answer she said the two of them really wanted to experience their first threesome and asked if I was interested. Interested? Fuck I can’t tell you how many times I’d masturbated to fantasies that involved Janelle and now she was throwing her husband in as part of the deal too. Fuck yeah I was interested.

I spent the entire day distracted as hell just thinking about getting with those two. As soon as we were done taking these photos I jumped in the car with Janelle and we headed over to her place. Her husband wasn’t home yet so we got started without him. When he did finally get there let’s just say he was happy to see us. Janelle and I took turns fucking and sucking her hubby until the three of us were completely exhausted. Since that night I’ve been talking to them about taking our little sexcapades on camera so keep your fingers crossed. Until then please.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

NaughtyAllie, Photography by Buzz Aziani



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