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You may remember my stewardess friend Jorden from the slumber party we had together not too long ago. Well, Jake was the one who took the pictures and video of our naughty little get together. He later told me he got so fucking horny seeing Jorden and I together that he just about came in his jeans. I suggested that we give Jorden a call and see if she wanted to hook-up for a threesome with Jake and I sometime over the weekend. Of course she just couldn't resist a hot 3-way fuck so we set up a date with her the following weekend. I'm not.....sure what Jorden enjoyed most, sucking on Jake's cock or riding his face.

Personally, I really love threesomes but I’m torn on whether I prefer MMF or FFM the most. Of course if it’s a MMF threesome I have the benefit of being satisfied by two guys at the same time. On the other hand, if it’s a FFM threesome I get to share a cock with another girl and I get to eat some pussy. It’s kind of like asking what do you like better, pizza or ice cream? Of course everyone loves both pizza and ice cream but I guess it just depends on which one you’re in the mood for at that particular point in time. That’s the way I am with threesomes, one day I may prefer a MMF threesome while the next day I’d rather have a FFM threesome.

In any case I’m just so glad that I have the option to explore my sexuality with no strings attached and that I have a husband who is okay with me fucking other guys and gals anytime I like. I think this world would be a lot happier place if everyone was more open sexually. Our society has so many hang-ups about sexuality that it tends to stifle our own natural instincts to experiment with more than just one partner in our lifetime. Anyway, sorry for getting a little off track here, I hope you enjoy our threesome with Jorden as much as Jake and I did. You’ll definitely be seeing more of this French-Canadian.....TO READ THIS ENTIRE STORY CLICK HERE TO ACCESS MY MEMBERS AREA

Jake Chase, Jorden Rivera, NaughtyAllie



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